CD80 Light to Medium duty belt conveyor       


  M14 thread with 80mm diameter articulated foot , 2 off 11mm diameter fixing holes  
  80mm diameter drive roller  
  40mm × 40mm extruded aluminium profile with 4 off 8mm T slots  
  80mm × 40mm extruded aluminium profile with 6 off 8mm T slots  
  80mm diameter terminal roller  
  Conveyor length  
  Belt width + 4mm  
  Conveyor height +- 30mm adjustment  
  Belt width  
Maximum length:   10 metres  
Belt width:   36mm to 996mm  
Conveyor width:   Belt width + 4mm (+ 34mm over terminal ends)  
Conveyor height:   800mm +- 30mm adjustment (others on request)  
Drive type:      Shaft mounted geared motor  
Drive Power:      0.18 to 0.37kw dependant on product load, conveyor length and belt speed  
Voltage:   240v 1ph 50Hz - 230v 3ph 50Hz - 415v 3ph 50hz  
Drive position:      End as standard  
Terminal roller:   80mm as standard  
Bed construction   Skid bed type made from 2mm punched and folded galvanised mild steel  
Maximum load:   Up to 15 Kg/m  
Belt speed:   10m/min standard (options available from 4.2 to 63.6 m/min)  
Belt type:   2 Ply PVC black or green as standard, PU and Grip top, others on request  
Belt tracking:    All belts are fitted with twin PU tracking profiles.  
Under rollers :    40mm diameter with precision bearings  
  Direct online stop start complete with overload  
    Variable speed stop start  
    Production stop  
    24v DC Emergency stop  
    24v DC Emergency stop with safety relay  
    Photo electric cell end stop control  
    Foot switch  
    Remote stop start  
    Timed stop start  
    Panel mounted PLC  
  Side Guides  
    End stop  



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