Belt Conveyors. the CD120 versatile as an egg!

CD120 belt conveyors are suitable for a multitude of handling tasks where strength and robustness are required. Manufactured from extruded aluminium ‘C’ section profile with folded modular galvanised steel skid beds it gives a good combination of strength and versatility. The conveyors can be driven either by a 113mm diameter motorised drum roller or a 113mm diameter fabricated roller with a shaft mounted geared motor, the terminal rollers are also 113mm diameter. The drive and terminal rollers are fully encapsulated by the conveyor belt and the roller adjustment is fully covered by the conveyor side frame make these conveyor one of the safest available. The conveyors can handle and a product loading of up to 50Kg per metre. The drive and terminal rollers are fitted into modular carriages that are fully adjustable and easily removable for maintenance. The conveyor belt is fully guided using our TrueTrack belt guidance system.

We manufacture CD120 Belt Conveyors in the following options:

  • Motorized Drum Roller Drive Belt Conveyors
  • Shaft Mounted Geared Motor Drive Belt Conveyors
  • Belt conveyor systems
  • Incline/Decline Belt Conveyors
  • Multi Tiered Belt Conveyors
  • Special Purpose Belt Conveyors
  • Swan neck belt conveyors
  • Hold down belt conveyors

Belt conveyor CD120

  • Features
  • Up to 50kg capacity per linear metre (level)
  • Belt width from 280mm to 1280mm in 50mm increments
  • Available in any length to fit your applications
  • Self tracking belts– increased belt life.
  • Adjustable height
  • Extruded aluminium profile frames and support legs
  • Motorized drum roller drives
  • Plug and play control options



Belt conveyor geared motor

Geared motor
drives give a wide range of powers and speed options, all CD120 belt conveyors can be specified with this option. Rubber lagged drive drum option available.


Belt conveyor system

Belt conveyor systems
from a simple storage to fully automated assembly system all can be assembled from basic CD120 belt conveyor modules.


Belt conveyor incline

belt conveyor with either gip top or flighted belts, side guides and stop start reverse options. Ideal for mezzanine floors



Belt conveyor multi tier

belt conveyors with automated lift conveyor ideal for product storage or when space is limited.




Belt conveyor swan neck

Swan neck belt conveyors
convey parts from horizontal to incline then back to horizontal and are ideal for plastic part removal from injection moulding machines.




Belt conveyor incline

if a standard belt conveyor will not do let us know what you need and we will build it for you.



  Belt conveyor hold down

Hold down belt conveyors
convey parts from horizontal to incline and are ideal for plastic part removal from injection moulding machines.





  • Electrical control options


Conveyor technical details

Variable speed stop start

Variable speed
stop start. with stop start buttons and variable speed potentiometer. Coated steel enclosure (IP65) 300mm,200mm,150mm

Price £295.00 each



  Stop start

Stop start (DOL)
single/three phase direct online stop start complete with overload 240/415 volts

Price £76.00 each



Emergency stop button

Emergency stop
button twist release

Price £28.00 each



  PEC sensor kit

PEC sensor
phote electric sensor kit including sensor, mounting bracket, reflector with mounting bracket

Price £78.00 each





  • Note: Emergency stops and PEC sensors can only be used with the Variable speed stop start option.

    All prices exclude VAT.


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