A major safety feature of all the conveyors we manufacture is the TrueTrack belt guidance system, the gap between the moving belt and the static conveyor frame is kept to a minimal 3mm and was designed to keep the belt in its optimum running position and to eliminates potential finger traps.

The underside of the conveyor belt has two tracking profiles fitted to the outer edges, these profiles sit into corresponding channels in the conveyor body and positively hold the belt into it's correct running position along the full length of the conveyor.

The drive and tail rollers are designed to be the same dimension as the gap between the guidance channels on the conveyor body so the belt is in it's correct position around both the drive and tail rollers.

Positive belt tracking benefits:

  • No finger traps between the moving belt as the static conveyor frame.
  • No side wear on the belt due to poor belt tracking.
  • No costly down time due to belt tracking problems.
  • No unnecessary and costly belt replacements.
  • Smooth running of the conveyor belt.
  • The rotating drive and tail rollers are totally enclosed by the belt.
  • The belt has good side loading properties.
  • Optimises the working life of the conveyor belt.


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