Interroll drum motors.

Interroll Drum Motors have been specifically designed for belt conveyors and associated material handling equipment.

Drum motor


  • Features
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Crowned 113.3 mm diameter mild steel shell treated with anti-rust oil.
  • Lifetime lubricated for maintenance free operation.
  • All motors with thermal protection.
  • AC induction motor with motor winding insulation class F.
  • Triple shaft sealing system – degree of protection IP 66/67 (EN 60034-5).
  • Voltage: most common voltages available.
  • Up to 10 start/stops per minute – higher cycle times available on request.
  • Maximum RL 1112 with crowned shell RL of 1162-2012 mm available with parallel shell only.
  • Cable length minimum 1.25 m outside shaft.
  • Die cast aluminium bearing housings.



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